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Incorporate A Company

Incorporating a company in Hong Kong can be done in a fast, remote, and easy way. With advice and helps from the professionals and business consultants, foreign enterprises can gain access to the competitive platform in Asia with a simple Hong Kong company formation. The company formation can be done in a few business days remotely. 

Foreigners can be the only director and shareholder of the company, whereas the company must have a Hong Kong registered office address and a company secretary who is a Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong corporate. The straightforward incorporation procedure starts with your desirable proposed company names, then prepare a few sets of clean and signed documents. An Articles of Association should be prepared as well. The government fee of company incorporation is affordable and reasonable that supports online payment. Upon the approval of the Hong Kong Companies Registry on your company application, the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration License will be available simultaneously within one hour for online application.

1. How do I incorporate a limited company in Hong Kong?

You can insert your details in our application form.  In the next working day, you shall receive a confirmation email and draft documents from our team. You will have to sign and scan us the document.  Your company will then be ready in 5 business days.

2. How much does it cost to register a limited company in Hong Kong?

The Government fee is HK$1970 and our service fee is HK$1890. Hence, the total is HK$3860. We will set up your Hong Kong company with the government corporate mandatory requirements. It covers:

  1. The Business Registration government fee
  2. Company Secretarial service,
  3. Registered Address,
  4. Significant Controller Register,
  5. Designated Representative,
  6. Company Round Chop, and
  7. Company Stamp
3. Who are the government regulatory bodies in Hong Kong on company formation?

Company Registry and the Inland Revenue Department are the two main government regulatory departments responsible for the registrar of business in Hong Kong. Company Registry enforces the Companies Ordinance, Chapter 622 of Hong Kong Laws. While the Company Registry takes the administrative registration of incorporation, the Inland Revenue Department assigns the business license and the business registration number.

4. Can foreigner open a company in Hong Kong?

Yes. Foreigners can have 100% ownership.  Foreigners can be both shareholder and director. There is no restriction on foreign shareholding.

5. What are the basic requirements to set up a company in Hong Kong?
  • A chosen company name
  • At least one (1) shareholder
  • At least one (1) director who has to be a natural person, not a company. He or she must also be at least 18 years old
  • One (1) company secretary who has a TCSP license
  • One (1) registered address
  • Completed Incorporation Form NNC1 and Form IRBR1
  • Article of Association 
  • Significant Controller Register
6. What are the documents needed for Hong Kong company registration?
  • The passport or HKID copy of shareholder(s) and director(s)
  • The residential address proof of shareholder(s) and director(s) in English
  • Parent company registration documents if the shareholder is a company
7. How many shares does a company need to issue?

A minimum of 1 share must be issued during the company formation process. If your company registers more than one shareholder, you will need to issue at least 1 share for each shareholder. 

8. What is the Articles of Association?

Articles of Association is a document which lists out how you should manage and operate your Hong Kong company. For example, power of directors, obligation of directors, voting rights, how to vote and how to call a meeting. If you choose our incorporation service, we will provide you with a standard template. 

9. How do I check a company name availability?

You can contact our incorporation team at info@cheapincorp.com. We can conduct two (2) name searches for you free of charge. 

10. Does my company need a Chinese name?

No. It is completely optional to have a company name in Chinese characters. A company may register with an English name only OR a Chinese name only OR both an English and a Chinese name.

11. Is it possible to register a company with an English name only?

Yes. A company may register with an English name only.

12. Can I end my English company name with the word “LTD”?

No. Although the word “LTD” has the same definition as “Limited”, Company Registry requires that the last word of an English name must be “Limited”. However, “LTD” can be used for your business operation and activities.

13. Is it possible that a company change its name after incorporation?

Yes. A company can pass a Special resolution and file a Form NNC2 “Notice of Change of Company Name” to Company Registry.  The Government will then issue a name change certificate and a new business registration license. 

14. How do I submit my application?

After you submit your application form on CheapIncorporation website, you will receive name check confirmation within 1 business day. You will also receive a set of draft documents for execution. You need to sign and scan it to us.  Our officer will submit the documents to Company Registry on your behalf. Company will be ready in 5 business days.

15. How long does it take to open a company in Hong Kong?

After you sign and scan us the documents, it will take 5 business days to open the company. CheapIncorporation will provide you with the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration License.

16. What documents do I receive after the company formation?

A Certificate of Incorporation and a Business Registration License will be issued by the Company Registry and the Inland Revenue Department.

17. What is the use of the Company stamp and the Company round chop?

Company stamp and Round chop are often used in HK and China when you sign a commercial contract.  

18. Do I get a trademark registration automatically since I have already registered the company name with Company Registry?

No. Your registered company name on Companies Registry does not mean that it is registered as a trademark. If you want additional trademark protection, you still need to apply with the Intellectual Property Department.

19. Will my information be on public record after registering a company?

Your incorporation details cannot be found from google search engine. However, one can hire an accounting firm to conduct a search at the Company Registry. A search fee will incur.

20. Can I be my company’s own company secretary?

The sole shareholder or director cannot serve as the company secretary. You will need to appoint a company secretary TCSP licensee to act as the bridge with the Hong Kong government. CheapIncorporation can be your corporate company secretary. 

21. Can I use an address outside Hong Kong to be my company registered office address?

No. The registered office must be a commercial address in Hong Kong.

22. Is there any requirement on the minimum amount of paid-up capital upon the commencement of business?

There is no requirement on the minimum amount of a company’s paid-up capital under the Companies Ordinance.

23. Does a Hong Kong company require a bank account in Hong Kong?

No. You can open a company bank account outside of Hong Kong. This is a business decision.

24. Do I need to reside in Hong Kong to be a director of the company?

No. There is no such requirement under the Companies Ordinance. Director can be individuals of any nationality or any residence.

25. What are the major obligations of a director?

A director not only is accountable for running a business, acting in good faith for the benefit of the company, he or she must help the business in compliance with the requirements of the Company law.

26. Are corporate shareholders and directors permitted?

While shareholders can be body corporates, a company must have at least 1 natural person to act as the director.

27. What will happen after the incorporation?

Our maintenance will get in touch with you on the 11th month after the incorporation. We will walk through the annual renewal and accounting obligations with you.

28. What are the reporting requirements for a Hong Kong limited company?

There are two important forms to be filed every year. They are the Annual Return NAR1 form and Profit Tax Return Form.

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