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fee One time switch over
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business address Includes both
secretary + address

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What includes in it:

  • Company Secretary Service
  • Registered Address Service
  • Written Resolution
  • Update Register of Director
  • Update Register of Member
  • Prepare Significant Controller Register
  • Prepare document for change of company secretary
  • Prepare document for change of business office address
  • Notify the HK Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department
  • Done in 5 Business Days

Procedure for Switch Over


Send us your details.
  • Company Name
  • Passport Copy
  • Residential address proof


We prepare your documents.
  • We will provide you with a switch over resolution.
  • You sign the switch over resolution.
  • We submit switch over documents to the Government.


You are all set!
  • The Government provides a stamped version document.
  • Registered Address for 1 year
  • Company Secretary for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the switch over be completed remotely?

Yes, the process can be completed remotely.

2. What information do I need to provide for switching company secretary and address?

All we need from you is a copy of your passport, address proof and the NNC1 /
NAR1 document of your existing company.

3. How long does the switch-over process take? Is the process complicated?

The process is very simple, and it can be done within 5 business days. We will
prepare a resolution. All you have to do is to sign and scan it to us by email. We will
arrange the rest with the HK Government.

4. Do I have to notify my previous company secretary?

We can help to arrange everything with your previous secretary.

5. Do I need my previous secretary consent to switch away from them?

No, you do not need their consent. You are allowed to switch to any firms of your
liking at anytime.

6. Can Cheap Incorporation notify my previous service provider on my behalf?

Yes. We will notify your previous company secretary on behalf of you.

7. Do you arrange the entire switch over procedure with the HK government?

Yes, we do. You will just need to provide the necessary documents to us.

8. How much is the renewal cost for company secretary and address next year?

It’s HKD $700 each for company secretary and registered office address. So that
would be a total of HKD $1400/ year.

9. Can you help to file the NAR1 form?

Yes, we certainly can. If you file the NAR1 form on time, the government renewal fee
is HK$105.

10. Can you help to renew the Business Registration Certificate?

Yes, we can help to renew the Business Registration Certificate.

11. How much is the Business Registration Certificate Government Fee?

The government fee for Business Registration Certificate is HKD $2150 in 2024.
Keep in mind that the BR renewal fee can vary each year depends on government policy.

12. I am late for Government filing. Can you help me to solve the problem and penalty?

Yes, we can resolve that for you. You will just need to pay for the late fee on top of the
original fee. If you need help to check out the amount of late fee, feel free to email us at

13. For the registered address service, do you help to receive government mails?

Yes, we can help to receive government mails.

14. Are there any hidden costs for the switch over?

Absolutely not! We are an honest and trustworthy firm and every item will be listed
on the invoice.

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