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Registered Address Service

Registering a business in Hong Kong must have a registered office address in Hong Kong. Hong Kong enjoys a variety of world-class infrastructure interweave with its convenient public transport and broad network coverage. While choosing a registered office address, there are some criteria that should be put into considerations. A registered office address should be able to receive correspondences- government letters, mails from the bank and annual reminder notices. It cannot be a P.O. box address. What is more, it would be ideal if the address is located in a central business district that gives your business partners and clients a presentable image of your company. Meanwhile, if you opt for our registered address service, our staff can help you receive government correspondence and scan to you for the prompt update. It can ease your mind from the hassle of correspondences matters with our reliable service, that brings you more time to focus on your business. 

1. What is a Registered Address?

According to the Company Law in Hong Kong, you must have a registered office in Hong Kong for your Hong Kong Company Incorporation. The registered address shall be a commercial address which the Government can send letters and notices to your Hong Kong Company.

2. Can I use my foreign home address?

No. You must put a Hong Kong commercial address as your Hong Kong company registered address. 

3. Can I use my home address in Hong Kong?

You must check the Deed of Mutual Covenant and Tenancy Agreement whether you can use your home address for commercial purposes. Most of the time, residential flats are not allowed for commercial purpose. FYI. Our incorporation package already includes a registered address in Hong Kong. 

4. What are the tips when I choose a registered address service?

You should choose an address service provider which is willing to scan government letters to you free of charge. Government letters are often time sensitive. Cheap Incorporation Limited will scan you government letters free of charge. 

5. Can you forward mails to my home address?

Yes. We can forward mails to your home address. The cost depends on the method of delivery, i.e. SF Express, Regular mail, DHL, etc. 

6. Can I have more than one Registered Address?

No. You can only have one Registered Address for your Hong Kong Limited Company. If you will need more than one business address, CheapIncorporation can help you to apply for a branch office Business Registration Certificate.

7. What are the obligations to host my registered address?

Your service provider shall display your company name in the registered office. If they are using an electronic display board, your company name shall be shown for not less than 15 continuous seconds in every 4 minutes.

8. Does CheapIncorporation display my Company Name in the registered address?

Yes. We will display your company name in the registered office by using an electronic board for 15 continuous seconds in every 4 minutes.

9. Do I need to be in Hong Kong to change my Registered Address?

No, CheapIncorporation can handle your change of registered address remotely.

10. Which Government Department regulates Registered Address Service provider?

The Hong Kong Companies Registry regulates all service providers under the licensing scheme of Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP). 

11. How do I report the change of my Hong Kong Company Registered Address?

You shall submit the specified form NR1 to the Companies Registry and form IRC3111a to Inland Revenue Department after the board of directors signs off the board resolution. 

12. What is the fee to change my Registered Address to CheapIncorporation service?

Our service fee is HK$1000 per year. We shall handle change of registered address for free.

13. What does CheapIncorporation registered address service include?

You can park your registered address under our CheapIncorporation. We will display your company name in the registered address. When we receive mails to your company, we will send you an email notification.

14. Can I put the registered address on my name card, letterhead or website?

Yes. You can use the registered address in your company name card, letterhead, website and other business correspondence purposes. 

15. When should I report the change of registered address?

You should notify the Registrar of Companies Registry in Hong Kong within 15 days after the change of registered address.

16. What are the documents needed to inform my bank about my new registered address?

You shall submit the corresponding bank form, form NR1, updated business license, and the latest Annual Return to your bank for the change of registered address.

17. Will CheapIncorporation forward or scan my letters?

We will open and scan all letters from Government free of charge. For the rest of letters, we will notify you by email. Alternatively, we can forward the letters to you. You only need to bear the courier fee.

18. Can CheapIncorporation forward small parcels?

Yes, we can forward small parcels to a designated address at additional costs.

19. Can I use the Registered Address to apply for specific licenses for my Company?

Yes. Feel free to consult with our incorporation officer for conditions applied before your application.

20. Can I keep my registered address in CheapIncorporation and also rent my own office?

Yes. You can keep your registered address with CheapIncorporation when you start to have your own office space. One of the best advantages is that you can receive all the Government letters so that you will not miss any important issues from Hong Kong Government.

21. Will I get a rental agreement for the registered address?

If you require, we can provide you with a registered address service agreement for your business purpose. 

22. Can CheapIncorporation sign on specified forms on my behalf to change my registered address?

Yes. We can sign and submit the statutory forms for the changes. We will also send you a fresh business registration certificate when the change is completed.

23. Does CheapIncorporation store my company statutory documents?

Yes. We shall store your company statutory documents. We can always send you the electronic copies within one to three business day. 

24. What will CheapIncorporation do when the Government officer visit the Registered Address and inspect the company documents?

We will comply with the request of the Government office when they inspect the company documents, especially the Register of Significant Controller and the Business Registration Certificate.

25. Can I specify my business nature in my Business Registration Certificate?

Yes. You should submit a specified form irbr200 to file the commencement of business with your business nature. In case you would like to change your business nature in future, you can always submit the specified form irbr193. Inland Revenue Department will then issue a fresh Business Registration Certificate in 5 working days.

26. How much is the renewal fee of Business Registration Certificate?

The current renewal fee is HK$250. The Hong Kong Government announces the waiver of HK$2000 for the year of 2020/21. 

The usual renewal rate is HK$2,250. The Hong Kong Government has the soles discretion on the waiver.

27. How can I add my business name to my company?

You can add your business name by submission of form irbr200 when you start business operation. If you would like to change the business name, you should submit the form irbr193 to update the Inland Revenue Department. The process shall take around 5 working days.

28. Can I get a proof of business address from CheapIncorporation for my PayPal application?

Yes. CheapIncorporation can provide you with a document issued by the Hong Kong Government showing your business address.

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