How to Change your Hong Kong Company Name?

by Cheap Incorporation | December 19, 2022

Company name is a very important identity which defines a business and creates an image of “who-you-are” among the competitors. It plays a crucial role on your brand’s perception and growth. Research studies from social psychology points out that a company name can improve the odds of success. It can make a relatively huge difference when it comes to the ultimate success of the overall venture. That being said, a company name has the power to either build a company, break a company, or impress the investors. Interesting?

When thinking of a Hong Kong company name, in either Chinese or English language, it should be straightforward and clear enough to convey the right message to the customers. A catchy and unique name can also grab the first attention the most. The easier it is to spell the company name, perhaps the better for the brand is!

  1. Choose A Suitable Name

    Generally speaking, you are free to choose any names for your Hong Kong company when the company name is not appearing the same in the Index of company names that are already kept by the Register of Companies.

    Please note that even though “LTD is the abbreviation of “limited company”, section 102 of Companies Ordinance requires the last word of the English company name to be “Limited” in Hong Kong.
  2. Conduct A Company Name Search with Companies Registry

    You may conduct a company name search free of charge through the Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Centre. You can use the “Exact Name Search” mode and enter the full name you need to register. The Exact Name Search result will show there is the same company name. If nothing is matched, the system will display a “no matching record found” message.
  3. Pass a Written Resolution for the New Company Name

    A company may change its company name by passing a special resolution with a majority of not less than two thirds of voting shares by the members in the general meeting or sign by all the members entitled to vote on that resolution.

    After the date of passing the special resolution, the company must deliver the NNC2 Form – Notice of Change of Company Name to the Registrar within 15 days. This form must be signed by a director or the company secretary. And the government fee is HK$295 for both hard copy submission at the Registry or electronic submission through the “e-Registry” (
  4. Time Frame & What Do You Get?

    Depending on the method of submission, the electronic Certificate of Change of Name will normally be issued within 1 hour when you submit through the e-Registry. A notification will be sent to your email box to download the e-certificate. However, when you submit at the Registry or any postage mailing method, the Certificate will only be ready around 4 working days. The certificate must be collected in person at the Registry. If you use our Name Change service, Cheap Incorp can help you to take care of every step with the government. 
  5. Reflect the changes on bank accounts or websites

    As soon as the change of the company name is reflected on the Companies Registry’s system, you would be required to update this information in other locations. We have created the following list to help you to make sure you cover all the areas.
    1. update your bank – to make sure customers deposit to the right bank account.
    2. update your insurance companies – so it won’t lead to problems when you intend to claim things.
    3. update customers & suppliers – it is a must so that they know they are working with the same company, and you won’t lose your existing loyal clients and business partners. You must also update your suppliers too so they can update their internal records to reflect your name change when creating invoices.
    4. new website and domain – ensure the website is up to date with the correct name for both existing and potentials to identify you.
    5. new emails – emails are one of the most common forms for online communication. You may want to set up a re-direct system. So that emails which send to the old email address will also get to the new email box. 

We hope that this list can serve you as a guide when you are thinking to change the name of your company. Write down some proposed company names to us and we can conduct the name search for you free of charge!

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