The best online payment processing solutions for e-commerce

by Cheap Incorporation | September 1, 2023

Cheap Incorporation is helping hundreds of ecommerce entrepreneurs to incorporate in HongKong every year. HongKong entity is so powerful not only because of the profit tax exemption that HongKong government offers offshore private equity, but also because it is favorable by most payment processing providers.

Beside the big names that you already know like Paypal or Stripe, we would like to introduce you to Payoneer Checkout, a new, but more optimized payment solutions for cross-border commerce businesses with local support in many countries across APAC (including Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, etc.) and China

What is Payoneer Checkout?

Payoneer is quite popular among Amazon & Ebay sellers and has been serving millions of online sellers, for more than 15 years, to receive international payments. With its strong position in the ecommerce market, Payoneer took a big step to launch a brand-new payment gateway: Payoneer Checkout – fully integrated into the Payoneer account and solution suite, aiming to help its merchants acquire card payments from their online stores.

With Payoneer Checkout, your buyers can make purchases with their credit or debit cards directly on your online stores.

Is Payoneer Checkout better than other payment gateways?

Short answer: Yes. Payoneer Checkout is much better than the payment gateway that you are using for the following reasons:

Lower cost & best optimized FX

Payoneer Checkout allows you to accept international payments with FX free in the 5 biggest currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY​.

The payments then land on your corresponding balance in your Payoneer account. While other payment gateways convert your fund automatically without your will; with Payoneer, you can choose to save it in the original currency or convert it into any currency you want later. This flexibility enables you to take more control over your financial activities and enjoy the FX rate when it suits you best.

Faster payout

Payoneer Checkout offers faster payout at T+3, including weekends. Normally, it would take longer than 3 business days for other payment gateways to payout and depending on the bank, you may experience a delay of 1-3 days.

Better conversion rate

Payoneer Checkout has integrated with most-used shopping carts: WooCommerce, Shopify, Shoplazza, Ueeshop, ShopBase, Magento, etc. For sellers that sell on multiple channels, you can use the same Payoneer account for all your stores to streamline manage your income easier.

Payoneer Checkout has a quite lean and user-friendly UI which brings the feeling of trust to your buyers. As recorded, the conversion rate is uniformly above 85% for all mentioned platforms.

All your incoming & outgoing payments in one place

Lastly, one thing that makes Payoneer Checkout unique and like no other is that it has the functions of an e-wallet. There are multiple additional payment methods you may like:

  • Pay locally and globally: you can send money to your suppliers, partners, employees, pay VAT everywhere or simply withdraw it to your local banks. It only takes a few hours for the payment to be delivered.
  • Virtual cards with up-to-200k spending limit: Payoneer issues virtual cards so you can use your fund on Payoneer balance for your ad spending or online expenses.
  • Virtual local bank accounts in USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, etc.: get paid from multiple sources (marketplaces, wholesales buyers, etc.) into one Payoneer account

And many many more.

How to register with Payoneer Checkout

Cheap Incorporation is partnering with Payoneer to get the best offer for our clients, including:

  • Get supported by a dedicated Account Manager during the whole onboarding process
  • More competitive processing fee compared to other providers
  • Cheapest price to incorporate in HongKong by Cheap Incorporation

You can learn more about Payoneer Checkout here. Contact us if you have any questions at

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